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Changelog 01-02-2017 / Shops and Bones

Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 42
-- update 2 --
% Player loosess all bones on death (too many players were coworking to get higher into ranking)
% 25% of bones are dropped near victim
% 25% of bones are dropped near attacker
% Flag doesn't stop the projectiles

-- update 1 --
% Goblins item drop rate decreased
% Ice bolts don't freeze when kicked anymore

-- update 0 --
+ Mini shops
| 1) Exchange anything for health potion
| 2) Exchange anything for throwing knife
| 3) Sell anything for a gold coin
+ Collectible bones instead of kills and score
| On death player looses 50% of score / bones
| On death player drops 40% of his bones
| On death player spawn 20% of his bones as gold
% Hitting frozen enemy decreases freeze time
% Guillotines doesn't stop projectiles anymore
% Minor performance updates
% Minor map fixes
% Fixed bots attack

I have decided to introduce bones because:
a) Ranged heroes cannot camp from the distance anymore if they want to earn any score - they have to take the risk of close combat.

b) Players now have purpose to pick target with higher score

c) I want to improve short-term goal, as the game is mainly played in short casual sessions

I wonder why some people have already 4000 bones just 1 hour after the update :D

Under review

CTF bug, fixed


There is a way to get lots of bones (score) just by killing yourself... again and again, and picking these bones back...

Of course, at first one needs to grind some, maybe 20-40.

Yea How Do You?

I have decided to not anwser that - I want players to discover the way :D

Guys just use brains. This is very easy :p

you hold 1,2, q or e 😇

Archers got shafted by this update. The bow is the highest-skill weapon in the game (i have all of them), and now even if you do 100% of damage, some bozo just picks up your bones. Wow, balance really getting better, guys.

Would like to add that the fact that the sword special makes you invincible is bull. It should be interrupted by all actions that would make you fall over, like earthquake, piercing shot, hammer special, ect. It's basically free damage because while using it you are completely safe from any opponent attacks.

and btw you still get frozen when you kick back the freeze projectile, don't know why this is a thing because that just adds to the overpoweredness

And the fact that the block and kick work in 360 degrees for projectiles is horrendous.

And people are now just farming goblins like there's no tomorrow for all the gold. If this is going to be permenant, we need better NPCs, like goblins and bears who actually pathfind and fight.

I have to say that I enjoyed Rezoner's Survival Game more than I do Wilds.io.

Oh, and by no means is engaging targets at long range 'camping', when they have the power to magically reflect everything you shoot back at them, or just block.

And isn't the whole point of the archer to provide support fire and divide the enemy's attentions? They don't do a lot of damage in a teamfight, 1v1 is a different story, but they distract the enemy and allow the melee to perform. Damage does not equal value, if you took the archers away and just had the extra damage it wouldn't be nearly as good, it's about making the enemy think about both melee and range opponents. Archers do a big job in teamfights, and now they're being rewarded even less than they were previously.

The whole point of picking bow is to increase sustainability by engaging at range. This isn't unfair in the slightest because you've given everyone the ability to reflect projectiles. Why are you forcing an archer to play in a playstyle significantly less effective and more dangerous that completely counteracts the objective of the weapon in the first place? might as well remove bow, jesus...


I understand your disappointment but I feel you too much detects the negative aspects of the game. Do not look only at the bad things because I consider in the game you can found much good things. Remember, that this game creates one person and everything takes time. I assume that you want to help make wilds a better game, but you have to be patient :)

It's the same with other specials! (yeah, even axe)

And it was left in game as the only way to avoid mutilation by multiple opponents.

Um, no, whilst casting the Axe Special, Staff Special, or Bow Special, you're still vulnerable to all forms of damage that would effect you normally (I just tested this extensively in training mode, so don't try to bullshit me, it won't work). The fact that you just eat a knife or hammer smash or arrow or piercing arrow or ice shard or freeze shard is rediculous.

Sure, it's the same case with hammer, but that's not as much of a problem because it doesn't grant you a full 1.5 seconds of near invincibility, and because people rarely use hammer.

Another problem is that you can block and it will exempt you from damage, but you won't be able to counterattack. I understand why this is a thing, but it still makes the sword special a rediculously easy and safe move.

And don't ever play the 'balance against the horde' card. This isn't Rambo, you aren't a super soldier. In Wilds, if you get teamed up on, you deserve to die. No ability should grant you the power to shrug off other specials and consumable items that the opponent just wasted because you were too busy twirling around in a circle, and no ability should let you combat multiple opponents of the same skill solo and win. That should be possible only with pure skill and strategy, not a Rent-An-Invincibility. Stay with your team, don't rush a group solo, and we won't have to hear you bitch "omg 3v1 noobs" in the chat.

I've never say to anyone "omg 3v1" and I'm not a "bitch", so better watch your words.

I have looked at my words, and apparently you haven't, as close inspection will reveal that 'bitch' here is used as a verb, as in "Bitch, informal: complain, express displeasure, grumble." So yeah, never said you were a bitch, I've only just now indirectly (and correctly) labeled you as a hypocrite.

And now we fall into you just picking one thing from my comment and (ineffectively) refuting it instead of actually addressing the whole reply, because you know you're beat, not to mention the thing you've chosen to address has nothing to do with the actual point of the post. I've had a lot of experience with this kind of thing, I know exactly where it's going.

And now you're calling me a hypocrite, great. Ok, let's go in that way.

There was a whole topic about getting teamed up and how to deal with that. The mayor problems addressed there were roll-spam and hit-spam, and we got no any good solution for that.

Hammer and sword abilities grant one a kind of a block, which can be used and actually IS USED by everyone mostly to escape from such situations.

If you're so smart, tell us how to solve this. Shine your light on us.

Be prepared to be bathed in my light, then.

In case you didn't quite grasp the whole hypocrisy thing, it's listed there because you told me to watch my words, without doing so yourself, lest you may have refrained from that post.

The solution to being teamed up on? Don't. In order to be a successful player, you need to know when to engage and disengage from combat. If you are traveling through Ruins by yourself (which you already shouldn't be doing -common sense) and you come across a group of enemies, run. It's that simple. Being teamed up on should result in death, pretty much every time, and the fact that it does is one of the few redeeming qualities of the game. Would it be fair if you were able to combat a group of three by yourself? Of course not. People who make posts complaining about being teamed up on can't grasp the simple principle that Wilds is a team game, and that you should be traveling as a team, as your enemy is doing, and that it's a good thing that you get slaughtered by three opponents at once, because that's the way it is supposed to work.

It's fair punishment for

A) not traveling with allies in the first place, and

B) being foolish enough to attack a group by yourself.

Just because you engaged a single target doesn't mean you are entitled to the entire combat, if another enemy joins in, you need to re-evaluate and make a conscious decision to either keep fighting or run.

Teaming isn't a problem, because Wilds is a team game.

And additionally, sword and hammer specials aren't intended as a kind of block. They are attacks, and someone using that special in order to attack (as everyone does, do one uses it as a block) should not be granted protection, because it far too often results in wasted items or specials, and because if they chose to attack whilst the enemy chose to use a special or knife or whatever, the latter should at least do damage, if not interupt the special.

For me it won't make any difference, because there is another way to deal with groups (which I won't post here as my little secret).

However, do you realize that if such change as you're proposing will get into game, a lot of people will come here (just like you did) and complain: "game is broken", "I can't play", "sword/hammer is useless", "change it back" etc.?


I wrote my previous post like that for purpose.

I realize that people will complain, but I don't think it would be that bad. I bet a lot of them wouldn't even notice the change. And I've seen few players as vocal and firey as The E%patriate and me, with the exception of Saii, maybe, so there wouldn't be as much complaining.

Oh look, it's this kid making trouble again. I'll let aR handle this because it seems like he's got it under control, which isn't a surprise considering the competition.

At first, I'm not a kid, so don't call me that. At second, I am not making troubles, but discussing. And a good discussion does not include insults. Hope that's clear.

First, i'm pretty sure a discussion's capacity to be 'good' is entirely independent from its state of containing insults.

Second, 'kid' is an informal title that can be assigned to anyone. Literally, a kid is a young goat, but in its use here, the eligibility of its use is entirely independent from the age of the subject concerned.

Third, Trouble is defined as difficulty or problems to any given entity, and because you are opposing both The E%patriate and me, and because we qualify as any given entity, you are causing trouble by definition, though you aren't causing much because you're not doing a good job giving resistance.

I exactly know what these words mean and what he wanted to say.

I'm still waiting for you to actually address the post.

I did, check whole list.

And also, sorry for addressing you directly, but this is not the first time you're making rude comments to others, who are not following your way of thinking. Maybe consider to change this somehow.

Personally, I don't see my attitude as that much of a problem. When people approach me with arguments that make sense, and they support such with logical reasons, and they do so properly, and they don't make shit up *cough cough* I tend to be very reasonable. However, when people think they can get away with taking shortcuts, not bothering to do their research, when people are hypocrites, when they just pull unrelated responses out of their unrelated response bag instead of systematically addressing the opposition, I adopt an attitude that fits the situation that they present. You can observe this when you asked me a genuine question and I gave you a genuine response.

Well, you didn't know one of those things, otherwise you wouldn't have made that comment in your right mind, because aR here perfectly disproved all three parts of your conveniently-labeled retort.

Because I meant exactly what aR said, and I don't quite understand how you 'knew what i wanted to say,' because I wanted to say exactly the most literal interpretations of the words possible, which you didn't know, so your claim is therefore rendered invalid.

Weren't you the one who was "bitching" about OP mages and combat rebalance?

Well, this update was possibly mentioned to do what you're asking for.

Now mages and archers have to take part in close-combat to score, so why you are not happy with that?

I'm pro-bow, anti-staff, for one.

And besides, the near-instant cast time for the staff's normal projectiles made it favorable in close range, anyway, so that part of the update didn't hurt it nearly as much as the bow.

I agree that ranged weapons need to have a way to get bones the bones system completely crap on ranged weapons,TIP: but it's still pretty easy to steal bones from others, especially in the floating top room,

However the sword, I argue, is not as OP as it is made out to be. It has been argued over and over again that the sword is not OP in a 1v1 situation.

-can be blocked, a skilled player can block it, nullifying damage

-immediate roll/kick counter can be used after block, usually granting the blocker damage

Although it has noticeable benefits in a group fight, by nerfing the special so it can be interrupted makes the sword a glorified version of the charged attack (for melee weapons). The hammer would then have noticeable benefits over the sword(invincibility, travel speed, knockdown) vs (longer duration charged attack that can be interrupted)

I would instead like to see the extending of the cooldown of the sword, to prevent it from being overused, thus resulting in it being balanced.

A player by the name of 'Gorilla' summed up the update in ingame chat just now, and i'd like to quote him because I don't think I could have said it better:

"game = ruined"


Well we're already playing in Ruins, so it would make since that the game is "ruined" ;)


I feel like this comments feed is showing the maturity of the community, lets try to keep the forum posts positive and assertive. This is not YouTube, thank you.

Actually, i'm glad you contributed, Saii. Here's an excerpt written by me from the tread above:

"Personally, I don't see my attitude as that much of a problem. When people approach me with arguments that make sense, and they support such with logical reasons, and they do so properly, and they don't make shit up *cough cough* I tend to be very reasonable. However, when people think they can get away with taking shortcuts, not bothering to do their research, when people are hypocrites, when they just pull unrelated responses out of their unrelated response bag instead of systematically addressing the opposition, I adopt an attitude that fits the situation that they present. You can observe this when you asked me a genuine question and I gave you a genuine response."

As you can see, I do very much agree with you here. I respect the comments section as a formal space to properly discuss changes, and disagree when necessary, as long as I observe similar respects being extended to me. However, I don't feel the need to keep the forum necessarily positive, I intend to keep it realistic. If others treat the forum with respect, so will I.

Nor can I pretend that I remain stoic and dispassionate for the duration of the discussion on the forum. If someone gives me shit, I get mad. That's the way I work. And if i'm mad going in due to others in the community, previous experiences with the individual in question, or just bad changes coming up on the changelog, then they're going to have to deal with the shit that I give them, either by being a gentleman until I can act reasonably again or by giving me shit back, in which case the process will rinse and repeat until someone inevitably yields, and I am a pretty goddamn determined person when i'm mad, so it's likely that won't be me.

"If someone gives me shit, I get mad. That's the way I work"

My first post was rather polite, your ended up with insults.

As I have good (or good enough) memory, this is not the firs time you are rude to other forums users. Do not pretend being so crystal clear.

My last post in this discussion, because I don't want to spam forums.

But you gave me shit. It has nothing to do with you being polite or not. You pretended like you knew what you were talking about, you told me that axe, staff, and bow specials grant invincibility, when they don't, and you just thought you could get away with it.