Flag hogs

TheLegion27 4 years ago updated by Poke Hano 4 years ago 4

Problem: This has been going on for a while and it completely ruins the game. People in CTF decide to just hold the flag for no reason other than to bother people. It really slows down the entire game, however I've thought about some possible solutions.

Solution number 1: Bring back friendly fire on bombs. Yes it was somewhat annoying before the update but this is one of the ways to get rid of the problem.

Solution number 2: Add a count down for how long someone can hold the flag. After the timer runs out the person would drop the flag, die, or the flag would return to the enemies base. In my opinion I think it's the best solution..

Solution number 3: Have bots target the flag holder after a certain period of time. Being honest the bots hardly even attack anymore. They're just... there y'know in the way. If you could, make the bots better and have them automatically target the flag holder once enough time passes.

Thanks for taking the time to red my suggestions. Feel free to say any other solutions and try to get Rezoner to see this.

Yes, it disturbs me too. It's not only with bots, but with other people as well.
Solution n.1 I think it's not very viable... at the moment the points for the CTF are individual, so team members might try to kill you to get the flag from you. Not really nice.
Solution n.2 that can work and not work depending on the situation. Sometimes the enemy has your flag, and you are running away from them waiting for the best occasion to kill the other guy with the flag.
I think that there should be a time limit for how much time passes beofre the player with the flag hits an enemy. That would be a good counter.
Solution n.3 is good!

I has a player, standed afk and got enemy's flag...

Solution n. 2 and n. 3 are very good.

Soloutin 2 is the best