charged attack is broken

Shardana 7 years ago updated by Poke Hano 7 years ago 6

Well, the title.
I have the bow. Sometimes the charged attack becomes a normal arrow, other times I can hear the sound of the normal attack but the arrow disappears. Sometimes I can see the arrow touching the enemy but it doesn't deal damage.
This happened many times already. Let's say that 60-70% of the times I use the charged attack it works, the rest it doesn't.

Also, sometimes instead of shooting in the direction I tell it to, the attack goes in a completely wrong direction! This happens mostly after I get knocked down.

The downvote is for...?

I'm not hearing much about it and could be because you're not charging it for long enough

Ah yes, I was wrong! I meant the special attack, not the charged one! They're two completely different things.
I meant the R attack, not the "hold left click" one.

oh ok I'll take care of that downvote.

Somethings wrong with your pc?