Someone Abusing Ingame Chat-Emergency

Knight of Rage 4 years ago updated by Tytanowy Janusz 4 years ago 5

So I was playing and I came across what seemed to be myself in the ingame chat. They had my username exactly, so we were indistinguishable, and they were posting some obscene things. I also witnessed them change usernames instantly to other's username to subject them to the same harassment. This needs to be adressed immediately, as it could ruin relations between players, especially amidst the intense political climate of Wilds.

Really dude

WASTE MAN thank you for copying my topic

meh but okay more insight *upvotes but it is a duplicate

So maybe names are not protected anymore?


Possibly but unlikely its been a permanent feature and rez hasn;t made an announcement

Maybe he accidentally turned it off, for example when adding google login.