Wilds io lore

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  1. From my research i have found out a few things about the story of wilds.io and when it takes place in.

In the 12-13 century there was a legend about the linton worm which was a creature that ate humans and destroyed villages(we see that by the ruins map which is destroyed).The linton worm was unkillable(like in the curent version of the game).Since there were more than one worm in the old ruins map,it probably means the worms somehow spread.

The longsword was mostly used 1350-1550.In the 14. Century battle axes were often used in Europe.Long bows were used mostly in England 14.-15. century and were know for their power in england.The first mines were made in the 9. century and have been used in europe by the middle ages.Throwing knives were found in Europe which means that they were used back then.

  1. Everything points towards wilds.io being in England during in the 14.century,but that is only the knights.
  2. The brown side could be the kingdom of france because of The siege of Calais where the english capture the town and that is CTF(i know you cant win the round in CTF).
  3. There were many battles between france and england at that time so ruins might have been a small conflict,and not recorded in history.
  4. CONCLUSION:wilds.io is based in linton in the late 14th century england.Based on the weapons and mythology and many battles.The gray team is england and the brown is france
  5. Hope you like this,it took me a long time to gather all the info!(how do i turn the numbers off?help!)

correction:...where the english captured the town...

lol... interesting idea, good work bro!

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