Ryan Buckner 2 years ago • updated by Poke Hano 2 years ago 9

Im getting annoyed at certain people on Ruins trying to kill teammates with the bomb JUST SO THEY CAN GET A CHEST a friendly fire system should be in place to where if your teammate is in the radius of the bomb and it explodes you should take the damage not them or just turn off or just have team colored bombs that would be helpful

Heheheheheh i like to trolling peoples who is AFK :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

why is it that we cant have serious conversations about the topics i have put up

cause you are a joke when you say that YOURSELF.

If you have a fellow noob who eats the bombs will put you at a great disadvantage I do not see it right

Dont forget about the other thing i said team colored bombs that dont hurt teammates

i actually agree with ryan, i hate it when i get killed by my own teammates bomb

these guys are just trolling my ideas and disliking them but i see them trying to be funny

Really is well thought of allied bombs although it is also fun to kill enemies with their own bomb xD, to decide Rezoner