Sword Issues - Is It A Bug/Glitch?

Vigilante Gaming 7 years ago updated by Egzekutor 7 years ago 7

Topic of Interest: Some fellow clan mates and I were doing an entrance test for a possible guild member interested in joining and this peculiar glitch/bug occurred.

Youtube video

Image 266

* Sorry for the fingers.

* These video/pictures are produced by The Vigilantes gaming guild of Wilds.io.

* Video/photo credits go to v2, Taeverkuemis (Seraph), Legion, and I.

Possible Solution: This isn't the only glitch in the training room, things from grey textured pants, whole player color swaps, weapon issues (shown above), and much more. These combat/appearance issues are in need to be resolved. Simply fixing these glitches/bugs should resolve the issue.

A 10/10 glitch.

I am actually Taeverkuemis.

gr8 post m8 i r8 8/8


As for me it's fun

Awesome picture of me XD

also when capture flag

This is small bugs but sometimes i have fun. v2 look now better with this gray part on the back than before xD

But still this is bug and must be repaired.