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mutilate a mans

Александр Козырнов 8 years ago updated by Khargok Saitama 7 years ago 11

whatever body parts came off


if no skins may be easy be mutilate

Under review

Hello lord Bolton

I Want it *P.S i not psychopath i just like PIXEL gore and blood i think is a beautiful* i SO SO LOVE PIXEL BLOOD *And just pixels my fav*

Maybe not,thats a lot of blood and gore

Why? Rezoner can not add OCEAN OF BLOOD. But pls Rezoner add so so little gore part to game pls pls pls pls pls *P.S Kids now playng games with so so so big amount of guts and gore and with pixel blood=i think kid mind not dead*

Psychopaths everywher

You miss e and I NOT PSYCHOPATH i like pixel gore.