Camera related

Tawreos 7 years ago updated by Tytanowy Janusz 7 years ago 1

I'd like to wait a day or so before speaking of such a new implement but anyway here it goes.

I think mouse-following-camera it's an awesome game tool, to keep track of further enemies or ball or whatever. Hard to control, it's a new challenge.
If people feel sick or whatever, i think they should learn to not move their mouses so much.

Though: I do feel right now it's very very sensitive, maybe diminishing it a bit will help.
AND ball mid-kick controlling is fully compromised, now that moving mouse also controls camera; the ball trajectory is now hard to follow and therefore control.

So, can there be an option? like activate-disactivate or something... I would really like it to stay. (and ball controlling, too.)


Some people wear glasses and many of them have astigmatism.

In such, this type of camera movement can cause unpleasant feelings, like dizzines, asthenopia related problems and so on.