List of bugs in new version of the game.

BlackDiamondPL 8 years ago updated by Poke Hano 8 years ago 4

I know that you developer (Rezoner| if somebody don't know xd) still fixing bugs and i done a list for you :3 (Don't ask why xd) . From little to very changing game bugs.

1. Wall graphical bug

Image 134

You can see what's going on here.

For real i am standing outside not inside .

It's also working for goblins

Image 135

2. Idle tab bug

While being on other tab,

game is playing random sounds and freezing until

i will be back on it. Game unfreezes and particles from

boxes are all over the place.

3.Waving axe bug

This one is little cute :3. Hold right click to wave your axe.

It's not that important and it can stay i think.

"Getting ready for shockwave attack" animation i will cal it :) .

Now time for some real bugs

4. Damage over a wall bug

You can damage other player over a wall using shockwave or mine.

It's so annoying... Just leaving that. There is not much to talk about it.

5.Too fast for fall bug

Is it a game mechanic or what?

Using speed potion and running will make that you will be runnig over a gap.

6. I am a ghost bug

This one is most unacceptable.

Using new dash attack you can go over any wall you want.

You can go outside of the map, hide from knifes.

And also there is hitbox glitch with boxes.

Just take a look:

Image 136

Image 137

Yes, using them you can go over a wall too.

Only these that are on picture tho.

That's it. I don't know more bugs for right now.

I hope i helped :)

7.The dash slingshot effect - dash + roll combo causes one to fly really fast through the map

Bug no.6 is mostly gone, however, one still can be pushed by others :(


:D tytanowy!!! hii! im delicious :3 i already post the ideas of achievements and report some bugs

Btw i think the axe one is on purpose