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Instead of rewarding team play you're killing it with this kind of changes.

Also, the current team balancing system is a bit off. I suppose it's currently like:

1st (highest rank) + 3rd + 5th + 7th
2nd + 4th + 6th + 8th

but, to make it more fair, it should rather be like

1st + 4th + 6th + 8th

2nd + 3rd + 5th + 7th

Nevertheless, it's pretty boring to play against the same guys again and again, so, if it were up to me, I would disable it and just shuffle the teams before the game starts to make them random.

You can reduce the size of the field by a little bit and make it 3vs3, so you would need only 6 players to get in. Then also decrease the match duration from 10 mins to 5, or even 3 mins. That would make the queue time shorter.

Matchmaking could be like this:
1) Guests + registered users with levels < 3

2) Registered users with levels >= 3

I would give it a try on EU and see what happens. Just please do something to make football more enjoyable for both new players and the ones who would like to play more competitively.

Btw. There are ~30 people playing EU football right now. I wonder how many of them are guests.


It's really frustrating. Noobs should be separated.

From what I've seen you can still lob with the hammer, but not with the sword.

Must be a bug.

Currently it's really difficult to reach your daily cap just by playing football, so I think that players should also get gold for winning matches or scoring goals.

Any news?

Cool! Have you thought of changing it to 4vs4 to make the queue time shorter? That would also make football more team play oriented, as there would be much more space for passing. You could also increase the speed of the ball by a little bit to make it more dynamic.