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brutal soccer mode's loading time is very long

feridkekik 8 years ago updated by Ferid Kerimcan Kekik 8 years ago 9


do not do this to us it is ten minutes

Under review

Yeah I know - but what can I do about it if people do not want to play the game?


1. You can make football 4vs4 so it requires 20% less players.

2. Items should not collide with ball.

3. I suggest to make full state reset between rounds:

- remove items from ground

- respawn items on pedestals

- reset special attack timer

4. I would change respawn location to make scoring harder (new defenders spawning near goal, attacker's teammates would have longer distance to reinforce attack)


One more important thing, "your team is complete" doesn't give any info how many players in total are in game. It would be nice to know if there are alread 9/10 or if game is stuck at 5/10...

I still cant play Brutal Soccer Mode. it load whole time, when its 5/5 on your team it says "Your team is complete. I am looking for an opposite team" i still wait then someone left like WTF.

i think wwe need more peple

ya we do need more people tell your friends about the game and u also need to have the game being advertised somewhere

I am working on adding login via facebook - maybe this will bring more people in

Why we don't get prize the Winner team