A set of ideas for a new map

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Hello everyone,

I know that it isn't time for a new map because Rez is busy in other things now but this can be a nice feature.

My idea is to add a new map which is made up of a set of ideas already proposed.

The first general and basic idea has been proposed by my old friend, Tytanow Janusz:

Winter themed map


The second idea is the idea of adding water


For me these ideas are good and they have a lot of upvotes... And they are almost complete.

The third idea is the ogre cave (i dont know if this a good idea to add in place of fort)


In my opinion this is a good idea but sadly it have few upvotes.

The fourth idea is to add blood


I do a list of the ideas that will compose the new map and now i will say you why these ideas:

The first thing about i thought that the winter remember the water and the effect can be nice.

If we adding water we have to add the blood because the blood can taint water.

Finally the cave because i thought that it is good to add in place of fort.


Before going to acknowledgements i want to say you 2 another things:

IMPORTANT!! We have to paid attentions to dont add another nice thing because if not none will go to the fort.

I want to propose at Rez to add another small thing like walls to make the new map less similar to the melee.


1. Rezoner: the creator of this map and for adding other small things because with only these ideas the map is incomplete and too much similar to melee map.

2. Tytanow Janusz: for the general and basic idea (winter themed map).

3. Egzekutor: for the important and special idea of adding water (i considered it special because in the fort it shouldn't be added).

4. issa04: for the idea of adding blood and mostly for put together the ideas to create this new map.

5. I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST: for the ogre cave.

Thk for reading,

I hope u will like the idea, issa04.


Sorry If only 3 days have passed since my last idea but it was very small.

I will be without my phone for long time  after tomorrow and i think that i will not show you my other topics until September.


Ok.This could be quite promising actually,but it would take A LOT of time and effort to implement all of this to game since other more important ideas are taken to be developed and updated.Still +1.

This is quite time-consuming and even if Egg decides to help Rezoner in the process, it can take months!

I think that i can help them... I have a lot of computer knowledge especially on games ... I know so many programs to design them.

We are in three we can do it but it can take very long time.

Just ask if you need help with stuff.

Even so, it can take forever... and how can Rezoner trust you? As far as I know, Egg and Rezoner are like the people to turn to when it comes to ideas, updates, etc.

blood is added...

The player will be cleansed from the blood after jumping into the water.

Ok....new wilds.io is coming *PREPARE YOUR A*US EDITION*.


calling sammich perverted XD

nice meme :D

For who waiting for ranked games will appear a window that ask which map you want to play.

...Tytanow Janusz doesn't really talk though his art work is great.

Yes Yes i know him


RIP Tytanowy Janusz 2016-2017

Guys i try to work in my phone about the map... In september i'll starting work on my pc, i will ask Egze if he can help me because alone is almost impossible.

Im working on a new image and after i will work in new animals.

i can help too

Ty bro

Toke and Brai i see you are good at drawing... Maybe u can help us??

Now Rez is working on a new important things and when he finished and he finds that we've worked hard on this map maybe he will realize it.

I will start the work on my pc 6-7 september.

This need a BUMP

I do not know if I will have time to continue this map, I am very busy with designs on Autocad (because for 2 years  I've been doing a computer engineering course ) 5 hours per week and they have given me many designs to do during the holidays as well...

That's why I'm asking for help.

Well,I'l try to help though I don't have much time since I'm in middle school.

woah youre in middle school? I really thought youre like a 20+ years old guy based only on the way you speak

you know... cause youre being mature , not like some guys around here

btw im still in school too but im in high school

Well don't judge people based on their content and way of talking.

What the hell,man?No need for bumping,for god sake.

Between a little time i will say you what is the first thing that we have to working on it.

Ok,got it.Can you give example, like what I'l be into?Animations?Pixel art?

Do you know how to draw on Inkscape and GIMP?

Of course I know.Does inspirARTion count?

Well, inspirARTion seem a good program for drawing.

I think that u will be in Pixel Art class, so u will work on a new winter images.

Give me a bit time and I'll tell you what you will be working on specifically

Got it.but could I add some additions,nothing major?

What do you mean with "nothing major"?

You mean no more important things?

Well some of my ideas?

Of course, if u have ideas about other things to add in the map then tell me, so we will discuss it.

hey guys i can help too

not so much with the coding but with the pixel art

Good,I'm already working on some stuff.


Done, im working on a penguin for the new map. The penguins will be the principal creatures in this map.

Wow is awesome!! +100

Nice one.I'm working on seals,obviously.

Since water will be added so they'd be suitable.


Now im working on the ability of the penguins.

Good.Seals will have special skills too.

This is, obviously the general aspect.

The water was made by Tytanozwy Janusz (i think) and the icy themed things too (i think)

Egzekutor too made a water pixel art.

Yes but this one was made by Tytanozwy Janusz.

issa since youre the boss around here id like you to give me tasks in matter of pixel designing

also tell me if we should swap to a discord chat cause i dont have one and I should make it

Razvan, now we are working on animals class... so if u want to help draw an animals and think about his ability and special skills, after we will discuss it.

Also if we see a pixel art about new animals will be nice.

Thanks for the wish to help.

Im not the boss here: Any user can discuss your pixel art and the final decision go to Rez not me.

Yes please do this on discord - we don't need you to be repeatedly bumping this post because you're using it as a chat

My discord on phone doesn't work for me,my laptop is so bugged that barely works,and pc is availlable,but I can use it on weekends and maybe someday during a whole week.


Rez is usually kept up to date on topics in userecho, and im already told you im with a suck phone now.

However, even if I transfer this on discord (with my pc) Seal will bump this because he cant use discord.

Please guys from now bump this topic only if you have a new news or questions.

Got it.No worry since it'll take some time to rearrange some stuff on my work so everything's ok.

Could you recommend me a good pixel drawing app?

currently im working on piskel on a frozen pond that might act like the spikes in the desert map

It means you can only slowly walk over it, if you run, jump, roll or anything else the ice will break and you will fall into the icy water

And also i have to mention i cant do mechanics but i can spare some time for the animations

Nice one.Keep it up.

This can be a very nice addituon in the map.

Rez said:

"Most of Wilds static graphics was created in Gimp and Aseprite"

Try to search anotger programs in internet

Any pixel app can work,there's not really the right choice,but pixel app with background layers with high detail options would be ideal.

I already tried it,but the problem is that my pc usage is limited to weekends.

The penguins will have a pond in the center of the map (in the principal point).

In this pond there are a lot of penguins so it is likely when someone goes in he will not go out alive.

The penguins attack a player well only when they feel threatened. If they see a player they throwing their rocks in the hope that he leave. But the penguins have a speciality: they can throwing the rocks a far away so the player have to run away too much time ( it's important to remember that if a penguin see that the player is attacking by another penguin they will dont attack him, only when a penguins is in difficulty so he reach a few hp another one will defend him and this can make the thing easy).

This is obviously the general idea and this is the why it is short. 1 important and nice pixel art for now just to give you a small idea:


That's nice.Even though I can use my pc on friday and weekends.I came to idea of seals behaviour.First there'll be small(white)ones wich will not attack you just wibble wobble and bump into players making them slow down,but players won't be able to kill it,2nd:normal(grey seals)they will attack you if provoked,they'll be able to slap you fast dealing 0.5 damage or so,and large ones(leopard seals(with dots))will bite you and deal 1 damage and will be able to pull ya in deeper waters if you're in shallows.So this is it,but maybe it'll change.


I hope that it will not change because is nice.

Ok, and dis one BUMP

Lets make a rule where everyone who bumps a post and does not even apologize gets to sit in the worst cauldron when we all go to hell.

 nope, fuck u <3 (bump)

Why,this dude is right.we don t need any unnecesary bumps anymore,it s cringy.

I just wont apologize ;v

BUMP! we really want this!


I say: "Please guys from now bump this topic only if you have a new news or questions."

If u want this dont bump it pls.

Ok,ok relax.I was just telling him.It will not happen again.

Guys i did a discord channel:


Just 27 September

This link does not expire:


Rezoner=Map creator

Tytanow, Egze, issa04= Map builders

Seal, Razvanic=Map contributors.

These peoples should join the discord channel.

Tell me if i have to change something.                  

It's all ok,but would it be bad if I use pixel apps on weekends,cuz' I'm revising and I may won't have much time,so if you consider it a problem or not enough time for me to finish on map ideas,just say.But for now I have some things to finish such as frozen ogre and seals.

Try to do it as much as possible to use your pc even in the middle of the week, but if you just can not do it then it's not a problem... There are more important things

Now im working on another animals.

Penguins, Seals and another animal can be enough or no?

Seal join the server this weekend.

Ok,I will try.Btw ty for understanding.

Nothing =)

+1 . Good Job


I work on other small things:

Good job man.+1 How long did you spend on making those?

Almost 4 weekends since im so busy in weekdays and i cant do so much

You already did way more in that amount of time.It's lit and legit,and it should be ingame.