Rewards for the top in the standings

issa04 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 19

Hello to all. Looking at the standings I noticed that there are people who have been among the top three in the standings for a long time (such as Rezak and Vykrad who have been more than a month since the first two) and I thought it was fair to reward them. The reward can be gold or even a precious object that no one can afford (obviously if they exceed at least three months)
1 in ranking (example)

1 month >>> 1500 gold
2 months >>> 3000 gold (It isn't absolutely easy)
3 months >>>> precious object that nobody can buy

2 in ranking ........

3 in ranking .........
I hope it was helpful, issa04

It's already implemented with different than your rewards.


top 1: 5,000 gold

top 2: 2500 gold

top 3: 1,500 gold

4-10: 1,000 gold

11-100: 500 gold

101-500: 250 gold

501-1000: 100 gold

1001-???: nothing u suck dori's

Dude, I am pretty sure Rezak has all the coins he needs.

If you have other ideas on rewards write them down

This idea can be put into the daily quest

Rezak has been top 1 arena player since almost a year ago, right?


No, there are times where Egzekutor or Oatmealkasha has become the top, but this has happened months ago


In top 1 pvp history was few major players like trap queen, me, oatmealkasha, vykrad and few more but i not remember names... Of course now top is Rezak but now i  have my pc back and i want change this state :)

Trevor Philips, Shopkeeper....

Rezak would not deserve a reward for you ??

What is funny Vykrad not playing longer than one month and he is still on second place.

he doesnt play for more than one month no one can get it xD

I think that having a lot of bones shouldn't reward you with in-game currency because it's kinda like promoting top players to sit back. A fitting reward would be a golden symbol on your name or cape which tells players which rank you are in (in terms of bones.  (for example: Golden skull on your name or cape when you are in skull rank. Another example would be 2 bones crossing making a X with your name or on your cape.

Well, if you add up all the time when I was the top 1 in the arena, then there will be more than three months, and even keeping the top 1 statistics is incredibly difficult, and I asked Rezoner that he would give me a personal sign, but he is too lazy to do and give a sign to one person

I'm trying to think about ideas about how to reward people .....Guys do you have any ideas?

if yes write them down