The challenges

issa04 4 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04.03.2021) 4 years ago 16

Hi everyone. Today I want to propose adding challenges. I thought a bit about the system: the challenge will bring players from any point in the arena into a 1v1 battle. The challenge finishes when it reaches 12 wins but with 3 lose it is out .With more matches are won, gold rewards increase. To participate you have to spend 200 gold. With a win you always win 200 gold so you put the money spent to participate. Each win increases the 50 gold reward. With 12 wins You win about 1000 or more gold. I hope you helped, issa04

The challenge finishes when it reaches 12 wins or when  you reach 3 defeats

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I thought this idea could push players to join in to win gold

Another idea might be to make "special challenge events" where with 12 wins you can win more than 3,000 gold.

Come on, go to school you ne'er-do-wells, maths can help you in many situations -.- 200 + (50 * 12) = 200 + 600 = 800. 1000 or more gold?

I thought that the twelfth win earns you a lot of gold not 50


You have to make comments do not do the mathematician

F=(GMm)/(R^2) madafakers


If you want this go play Hearthstone.

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