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Legitimate use for trees / Permanent solution to charge spammers

Moms Spaghetti 4 years ago updated by Paradoc 4 years ago 14

Hey, another perfectly legitimate post by me, with two ideas this time. If you want a summary, scroll to the bottom.

So, I think everyone can agree that it is pretty darn easy to get gold in this game. Especially if you're at the top left gold shop and yo have immediate access to two grey item square dispenser thingymajings and 6+ item crates, PLUS a potion and knife shop to deal with duplicate items. Using this, you can hit 200 gold in less than ten minutes. To sum it up, coin collecting in this game does not add to the killing nature of the game, and just adds some grinding to do to get coins for weapons and skins. I have a solution for this. TREES!!! Wow spaghetti, how did you manage to merge my two favorite things? Well son, we can add some meaning to coin collecting if we have people go around chop wood, and trade wood for coins! The people in the woods killing for wood and coins will be fighting to get coins! One thing though: killing someone with wood only gives a TINY fraction of the wood the player had, so that people don't go around collecting wood by killing players who were grinding their sorry arses off. This gives some meaning to the coin collecting aspect of the game (like coin chests did) and gives trees a purpose! HURRAH Wow you sure are brilliant spaghetti!

Something else: I think everyone can ALSO agree that charge attacks are overpowered right now. You can basically go around killing people JUST by using the charge attack, since the only viable counter to it is putting your shield up, and the enemy can also just wait until your shield goes down and attack with the double tap thing. (again, the dash w/ shield works too, but that only does a fraction of the damage that a charge attack does, and also needs to charge up (same with all weapon special attacks)) Quoting eggs here, but there are also the people that follow the person with the most bones with their charge up and ready to snag a hit, collect the bones, type "GG EZ NUB", and run off. So, a simple solution will be to make the charge attack slow you down, just like what happens when you put up your shield. That emphasizes the skill required in timing your charges just right so that as soon as it charges, you release and deal a large amount of damage, without being a pussy about it. There should also be a small slow down in the player speed that rises exponentially (yes, really, I'm not just saying it to use the word), as you get ready to charge up. So the longer that weird half white circle charge up thing is, the slower you go, but the closer you are to charging up fully, the faster you will go slower, and so on. Sorry about that confusing word stuff there. But anyway, I think that will solve the charge spammer issue pretty well, especially for the players that spend more time on the game. (notice how I said that, not the "good players")

SUMMARY: Chop trees to trade for coins, slow down when using charge attack.

Please give feedback, thanks.


Also, I know hashtags don't do anything.

-Moms Spaghetti


nice, the first idea is taken from another game (cant think of it at the moment) and this game could lose originality (If the creator cares about it any tho). I also like your 2nd idea, and also should the ability to hide in trees as well :)



Saying that collecting trees to get gold in this game is unoriginal is sort of like saying that the ice mage character is unoriginal, that the look of the sprites are unoriginal, and a lot of other things. Being able to trade something simple like wood for coins, the concept is so simple, you really can't say its unoriginal. Its like applying a patent for the color purple on a candy wrapper! (which cadbury did)

btw that aint me, but nice idea


Nice job Moms Spaghetti! I love the idea! Great posting skill- very easy to read.


Here's an old post of mine that's similar: http://wilds.userecho.com/topics/1515-chopable-trees-and-smashable-rocks/

The thing with the charge attack is that everyone can use it, also when you are charged you are basically open to any attack, meaning that you are supper vulnerable. It's also somewhat easy to anticipate when the person will use it, you just need to think smart.


Huh. But even if you can anticipate it, what can you do besides shield and run away?

Apart for slowing you down, I think the player holding a charge attack should disarm it if he/she gets hit.


Oohhh. Like while they're swinging.

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Hehe, I upvoted it

Yay! Do you think there might be a slim chance of a possibility that it might maybe be implemented?


Two really good ideas. You are 1% closer to add your dream spaghetti hat by Rezoner xD

Om nom nom nom nom. Blurp. Oops, sorry.

ey thats pretty good

but dealing with charged attack is pretty easy