Tournaments (Event / Gamemode)

Vykrad 7 years ago updated by Urosthebest 7 years ago 11

A number of contestants (8? 16? 32?) participate in a tournament. 2 and 2 players fight each other, and the goal is to make it to the final, and win.

  • It would kinda be like arena (maybe other players can spectate the fighters and chat as well?).
  • The prize for winning could be gold, arena points or something else.
  • Max amount of time per fight is 1 minute, ish (so the other players don't have to wait a long time). The player with the most kills, wins. If they don't manage to kill one another, either the player with the most health has to win, or a random winner gets picked.
  • ALTHOUGH! The final battle could be first to 3 kills, so the finalists don't have to stress.

  • Something like this, but maybe with more contestants:

For a start, one minute is too short for a fight , it is more suitable for fighting newbies, and they are likely to have the fight last longer .The battle must be waged to win otherwise the point in the tournament no, but the whole idea is good, but to take it in the form in which you suggested it is not necessar.

Yeh maybe 1 minute is too short... but on the other hand, the waiting wouldn't be long. It is meant to be quick fights between 2 players.

I think it would be best to do 3 minute duels after two rounds each. I do not know whether it is appropriate assumption but it is an idea.

egz i had this idea remember ? i had it 2 months ago and later i wanted u to post tournament idea u didnt XD...anyways i just want tournaments so i support this...

I like the idea,it could maybe be like a tournament per week? And take gold,achievements etc

Maybe. but if it only once per week, then everyone would not have the time to play it / it wouldn't be as popular? Idk xD
I just thought of a few tournaments per day (every 4 hours?) / once per day.


good good idea, fantastic :)

epic tournaments >:D

gold, archievements... or new points New points redeemable for things that can be added later, there are many options...


Or somelike like "Fighter of the Day: (Player's Name)" on the main menu screen. That would be neat.

waw... That would be very epic

this would be good but the players have to be around the same level not noob against pro

True! Although I think that would increase the waiting time? I'm not sure. Anyway, you've got a point.