Requesting moderators on this forum

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Many posts on this topic were made, I made one too cause the problem is way too serious right now. We got trollers that post NSFW material and they need to get banned

my suggestion for moderators are:

Egzekutor - for his long time presence in the game and for his help with developing

Jashin - because hes also helping alot

Ukryty - objective criticism on different topics

Seal - for his niceness regardless of the opinions that others have

Issa04 - again, lots of help with the game

actually everybody in the TOP CONTRIBUTORS list is fitting but i didnt interact alot with other people from there so i cant say for sure whos a good guy and who isnt

I also offer myself for this role although i didnt do anything really special. Im just entering here daily and I wont judge people based only on my opinion

what do you think?

also sorry to everybody who are actually important for this game and I didnt mention you

Why the hell would I be moderator?

i offered you as one but its still up to you if you want to deal with such a job

You forgot about selpishuite :V

I vote on OnderaZ

Seriously, I would vote for Ukryty.

I would obviously vote for him aswell,face it,seal veteran,last ninja on earth,pretty convinient,dont you think?There should also be topic with suggested ppl for moderators with vote mechanic so ppl can vote for next moderator.

i feel honored
thanks ;)


Wait, didn't Jashin left this forum? My vote for issa.

-- EDIT --

I'm active on forum everyday if someone didn't knew, moderator should be active everyday too, as I know. Am I the best candidate for moderator?

yeah i left this forum, but i cant keep myself away from this place


also i dont think we should do a vote, for the reasons that someone can tamper with the results and rez has good enough judgement


Do you think I'm that idiot to make my own accounts? Nobody from these 5 candidates is that stupid to make accounts just to help themselves to win the elections. And if Rez will judge who will become moderator, there is no reason to keep this post up, because new moderator will be Egzekutor.

Jashin is right, Rezoner has the last word when it comes to choosing moderators, we shouldnt have any influence of that

egz is a moderator i think so i will vote Jashin


We definitely need moderators. But yeah, jashin is right. Rez can appointment his own moderators. Voting for a moderator doesn't make much sense.


it makes some sense, this is called "democrati elections". If Rez will choose except community, everyone will have no chance to become moderator, because Egzekutor will automatically become him. Give some chance to others, you think why Celebrimbor made this topic?

We should have the opportunity to choose a moderator, but our choice shouldnt be terminal


you cry "democracy, equality" because you want the spot for yourself
just shut the fuck up already

Yeah, let all users with you and me within this group to get chance to fix this forum. Maybe Egzekutor should really be moderator, so he would do something with your insulting users on forum.

i cant fucking take it anymore
rez already doesnt like you, i see why


Guys, moderator shouldn't be something that "everyone should have a chance to have". The moderator should be someone that rez trusts to actively and responsibly fix problems on the forums. It's rezoner's decision, and only rezoner's decision. Sure, there can be community input, but in the end, the decision isn't up to us.


at least someone gets it

Heh... Probabily you dont know what does it mean do a forum moderator - let me tell you.

Moderator have to:

-Dont post impertinent comments

-Dont use memes

-Post only essential comment.

And other things..... http://www.wisegeek.org/what-is-a-forum-moderator.htm

My idea (no offense pls)

Seal no because his niceness regardless of the opinions that others have isn't enough to do a forum moderator, also he posts often impertinent and too much comments. Sometimes swearing with # if i remember well. 

Ukryty  no because as i see in a lot of comments he use memes and moderator have to dont use them. Also, as Seal he post too much and impertinent comments, thing that moderator shouldn't do.

If the comments are pertinents it's ok (as Egze) and you can post how much do you want....

As for Jashin i dont know him so much but he dont check forum everyday.

Egzekutor can be a moderator but he is already a game builder and it can be nice have other person that have important role.

Me... True, when i come in this forum i post too much comments and impertinent topics but when i understand how does the mechanism of a forum work i did not do it anymore. If i will do a moderator probabily is because im with Egze the oldest player in this game and that benefits me a lot. In these months, as i think that you notice it, i dont post many comments but i check the forum everyday.


Jashin is insulting me and Seal, so he is automatically eliminated from candidates list.

Well its not big of a deal to me if I dont get chosen since i would suck at it with my kind of attitude,personality,way of thinking,having civilized conversation,not to say the lack of seriousness,knowledge and critical thinking,aswell being reckless,careless,dumb  in most assets of game development and doof when it comes to argue aswell as not being able to do single shit  about game itself,also the terrible ideas i have and make ppl cringe in every single asset of what i just said.It would suck ass to have me s moderator,but srsly,just point out how terrible would I be at it and only make things worse.For now I will stick to leading my clan and marksmanship.Not but srsly,eliminate me too.

haha you're so funny
fucking idiot

T%his is why you won't be a moderator >:)

you wont either ;)

Why are you still here?!

why dont you fuck off?!


No, issa, I'm pretty sure that I know what a moderator does. A moderator would make sure that the forums are running smoothly and stops any spamming or inappropriate messaging within the forum. He/she would be helping rez by banning trolls and spammers and by keeping conversation on-topic in posts. Is that an accurate description of a moderator? Am I off the mark in any way? 

So yeah, I feel that the position of moderator should be assigned by rez based on who he thinks would fit the job the best. It's not up to the community to decide. 

i do check forum everyday, i dont leave comments everyday

this would be a good idea 

but the only reason we have trollers is because the people with no lives on wilds.io come her and think they can make friends

the game needs to be more distracting 


what the hell are you actually talking about?


About.. eh, I don't know too.


like lets say you dont have any friends and ur dumb enough not to go to any social media or real life to find some

then u go on wilds.io and try to talk to people but get blocked every few secs for spamming

and u realize that the game is bad cuz everyone is killing u and your bone total  is 13

then u see this forum so u go on it troll people so u can be noticed like Naruto 

just trying to see reason behind the trolling

i dont think thats why theres trollers...

Wow... now wilds´s forum is so filled with cancerous members that they need new mods? Seems like i haven´t been here for a lot of time!

one of the downsides of popularity



For Wilds.io's Fate

Bows and mages is what I hate

Also the word Masterbate



ok apparently Rezoner has to pay 300 dollars to Userecho to have a moderator here

Two things I am having a problems with: both running and charging up for a powerful attack it will usually kick when i try to run and I can power attack fully unless I am standing still. I also never received my purchase


this isnt the right place to post that, make a bug post.