New Maps on Practicle

OnderaZ 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 6

The practicle mode needs many improvements, we could start with a simple (or not). It would basically be the creator of the private room to be able to choose predefined reliefs each time he dies.

A little confused? Let me explain better.

Each time the creator of the room died, small icons of small maps would appear on the respawn menu, he could choose one, which would change all the relief of the map, with that, all the present warriors would return to their respawn points. Before that, a count could appear on the screen saying: The Map will be Modified in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

Here is an example.

Image 3244

This new property would bring more ultilities to the practicle, which, in addition to training our skills, would also train our ways of dealing with the elements of the map, as well as enable us to create new strategies regarding the dynamics of the player with the properties of the scenario.

it would be like an arena, but to train

There could also be monsters, how about?

Leave your opinion below :)


but monsters should attack only a short distance

But what about the ogre shock wave and hammer fissure. Maybe not change monsters' attack distance but make gates to small areas where you can fight the bear and in another the ogre. Have it when the ogre throws you he throws you over the gate so he can't corner you and keep throwing you. The size of the gated off sections (that you can enter and exit freely) be about 1 quarter of the size of the area in the picture.