Bone count change

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As most of you know,when farming bones,they will not count in your rank unless you die.So I was thinking that bone count could change in a way that when you farm bones.All of them would count in as you gather bones,but still with opponents oportunity to get as much bones as ususal when you die,and normal loss of bones when defeated.Since what if your game decides to be a d*ck and kick you out in middle of 100+ bones and all those bones end up gathered just for us to find out that we farmed them for nothing,and thats what is rly annoying.I may or may not be wrong,but who knows.tell me your opinion in comments.If disagreed,tell why.


"The Wilds Team" just reminding :D


Don't eventhink about it.


Seems reasonable ;v. +1.

Btw, I still haven't seen any of you guys ;_: 


Yeah, the last time I saw any of you guys was like....5 months ago or 1 year ago...


So long time,huh?You rly get emotional in these situations.

I didnt ever have such problems, mostly because im not bone farming a lot, but yeah, the idea is good so +1


Ok.Some baby d*ck disliked it.Well ar least what could he/she do is explain but this is internet.

HELLO wilds virgins !

we're the old peeps

and nice idea...


btw im DarkLord555


I know that, Sherlock.