Stackable throwing collectable item

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Some time ago on the forum there was an idea of a stackable throwable projectile. The concept was about shurikens, but it was turned down for several reasons (didnt fit in the barbaric theme, etc)


So im reviving this concept, but instead of shurikens I think we could use...



Imagini pentru rock pixel art

(Currently i dont have time to do some pixel art so I took an image from google just for refference)

Rezoner came up with a similar idea a while ago but turned it down himself.

This is the part where you pay attention

The rocks should be stackable items. Unlike the other items, it would be found all over the map instead of boxes and barrels(It makes more sense this way, though its up to Rez how they would work)

The rock should fly in a slightly curved live so it looks natural. It should have the same speed as the throwing knife, but a certain range, maybe about the range of the grenade.

And this is the part where you dont have to pay attention, because I'll make these rocks unbalanced AF

Of course you cant hold an infinite amount of these. The maximal number should be limited to about 5

(if you have any better idea leave it down im not good at balancing stuff)

Each rock should deal 0.5 DMG or 1/16 of your total health i think (Im not sure how does the health work, how to measure it) so you can maximally deal 2.5 DMG or 5/16  of an enemy's health.

Rocks should be quite rare, maybe about 30-40 on the entire map at once

End of unbalanced part

Also rocks fit in the barbaric feel because, well, they're rocks. They've always been a weapon for fighting, in the "Unga bunga" period as well.

If you like the idea, upvote. If you don't like the balancing DON'T DOWNVOTE just leave your version below and let people appreciate it.

Thats about it. I hope you'll have a great day. Also I might do a pixel art sprite for the rock in the weekend.

Always yours, Razvancic the Ogre Slayer

Allrighty I thought I was the first one who came up with the idea but it turns out I wasnt :(

And a special rock called "Lets pixel" ^^

*facepalm* Though it can be good help when you're without range weapons,this can prove it's usefullnes to many types of playstyles.+1.

and no one has ever fucking checked if this post has been made before:
thanks for stealing my post

also why the fuck are you telling me not to downvote

Whoa man,relax,it's not that big of a deal.Just do what you want without unnecesary complain,ok.Just chill and get over it.

as i said im not the first one who made it and I forgot to mention your name, thats my bad

also i didnt steal your post I came up with the idea myself but later, so you were the first

also no need to be toxic dude


kids these days... they always rage on little things

Why you bumped this?Are you trying to look all cool and mature?If so,bump isn't the way.

thanks for disliking my comment

response: I'm not

you stole someones idea. but did not delete the post.

i didnt steal someone's idea. it was pure coincidence that someone already made it before me and i didnt notice

Also what would be  the purpose of stealing someones idea on this forum?

No worry man.It's not end of the world.

lol toke

what if you can kick the rock instead of throwing?

With the shitty footwear back then,that's painfull.

theyre able to kick weapons out of people's hands, not to mention the high velocity projectiles that should stab your foot so I think that kicking rocks should be pretty ok :D

As long as you're not barefoot but still,I'll stick to arrows.

alright fine, im sorry for overreacting
next time, try to check if someone has posted the same idea

also savage doge
you are a fucking genius

"im done with the useless comments"

k im sorry too for not double checking have a great day

No,It's all ok,everyone makes mistakes.Everything's cool.