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There is a user (idk who) that write a comment to bump a topic and immediately delete it ( it has happened with too many topics mostly the unsucessful one). Rez can you ban him please??


Probably sammich sandwich

Nah... When the topics get bump he's last activity was 8 hours ago. (King Voldoran)-(Savage sammich)

He already said that.


Limite arrows for archer: this topic was 5 months ago and get bump now.... from who?????


I think Disguised did it,and about 3 topics in a row.


Last activity of disguised:1 hour

umm... probabily

1 hour ago the topics get bump

if there is no one else with last activity 1 hour ago then it was him

Guys try search

Ukryty too...but i dont think that it was him.

It's sad to say, but I was trying once to make and immediately delete my comment, but it's not working. :(

How?You just go to cross and delete it.

Yep, I press Delete and nothing happens :/

I dunno what else could be.Is it Seva virus?

Oh crap,symptomps kicking in.

How?I've noticed he posted about 3 comments with nothing but dots in them for 3 topics.How can this be then?

I hope Rez can find him.

Rez one more thing: there is a player (probabily the same) that dislike all comments for fun and it happens with too many topics.



Yea,that baby d*ck makes racket just cuz' Rez didn't stop him!

but his comments are disliked as well?

I am here to inform you that I claim responsibility for the mass dislikes on various comments in the forum. It is not I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST but rather someone (who remains to be a mystery) who has taken ownership of this account. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Further more, some comments (issa04 failed to capture) had did not received a dislike for they contribute to Wilds.io the game in some way shape of form. Much of the disliked comments received a dislike for they are regarded by me, purely as spam and are abusing the privilege of being a wilds.io forum user. I am merely moderating the forum in my free will and will dislike any comment I see as "spam" or have little to no beneficial motives for wilds.io.

If you are puzzled by my course of actions, feel free to browse the profile description of I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST for an explanation to my sudden change of heart.

your "description" has an obituary in it, and doesnt explain anything besides rules's so called "death", and if rez wanted us to stop talking, he would have said so himself


I dont understand why this annoying you... it isn't your forum.

Can't stop the dislikes as warnings,but Rez can warn him instead.For my opinion,I still don't mind that much.

then why did you comment?

That response of mine was before I found out who it was.