Profiles and Friends

GOD Akuma No Hakaijin 2 3 years ago updated by Egzekutor 3 years ago 12

I would like to have profiles in wilds.io. Put the bones, so your character takes your points in sand and soccer ... 

The profiles would have next to your character a button to send send friend request and then you could accept or reject. 

If you accept as a friend that you could talk to him without the need for discord. And so I can send you links of the game.

The bad thing is that not everyone has discord and there are many people with whom to speak in discord being able to speak with her through wilds.io would be very well.

I know that it would be very difficult to get all this so if it is not possible to do it, nothing happens, what matters is if you try to get it.

Thank you for your attention!

sand = arena guys, dont be bad with google trans

some sort of facebook, i like it though

It'd be great to see someone's profile and sending messages regardless of being on same server or not.+1.

has already been suggested, but +1

Nice, but I have a question about it - Who will control all profiles on wilds.io? Mark Zuckerberg or Rezoner?


Los perfiles deben ser controlados por el creador, ya que estará más acostumbrado a todas estas cosas, pero podría controlar Mark Zuckerberg. No quiero ofender, pero yo no sé quién es Mark Zuckerberg lo siento por no verlo.

Excuse me? Mark Zuckerberg has great experience at controlling profiles from Facebook, so it shouldn't be problem to control profiles on wilds.io too!

Yep, I don't know what he wrote.

Mark only counting money. He have slaves for checking fb profiles :~~}

I think Mark won't be interested in maintaining profiles on wilds.io since he has ton of work remaining facebook as it is now with or without extra work on wilds profiles,belive it or not.So the only one who will be able to control the situation about profiles is Rezoner,and maybe some contributors.

"some contributors"... do you suggest someone?

Actually,someone like Egz or someone who's familiar with game tools.