Weapon balancing

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There has been a lot of talking about whether we should balance the weapons a little more. The only weapons I  feel should be balanced are spear and claws. I think everything else is pretty much good. We need to decide whether these should be balanced and how pretty soon.


Personally, I think the claws are a little too strong, but they are also more expensive than the other weapons you can buy. However, I think wilds.io should be a mainly skill based game, and the fact that certain weapons are too strong or weak undermines this.

The claws special is pretty powerful. It has huge range and is very fast and goes very far. This probably needs to be downgraded, though some say that it is the only good attack that the claws have. (not true. Try joining soccer and attacking at the backs of opponents going after the ball. It shreds  them.)

So how about this: we make the special shorter and with less range to either side. No change in damage or speed, just range. Then we make the claws charge attack charge up much faster and do axe charge attack damage. Maybe make this charge attack have more range. Say what you think below!


I don't really know what to do with spear, so here are a bunch of ideas

1. Change the charge attack to be completely different

2. Change the special to be completely different :(

3. Have the special do damage

4. Make the spear be thrown straight and fast

5. Make it so there is less chance that you are stunned when attacking (meh)

6. Make the spear much longer

7. simply make it do more damage

What do you think?

Good job ... there are many ideas in this topic that can help a lot and most I like +1

For me bilancing weapons is very important to do.


I noticed that most attacks last longer than the animations, it's really annoying

Yes it's true... I see your topic

Just make it so that the clash-mechanic doesn't apply to the spear.

That will only improve the weapon a little. Most players block to block attacks. I certainly don't say "oh, that new player is charging up his attack! Sweet! Go clash mechanic!"


I think what the spear needs is a special that deals damage to whoever they jump over, while dodging(preventing) damage from sources targeting it. Of course the damage need not be very large, just a little damage and dodge everytime the spear specials. This will go along with the spears playstyle of poke damage, slowly chipping away at the enemy.

If there exist this topic, why you made almost the same?!

Because I'm selfish, and I want the upvotes for myself xD

Not really, I actually just made a bunch of suggestions about the spear... he thought up a good, solid idea

It's only 200.03 points differents between us .-.

Yea why,I mean could you at least check for topics with similar content.

That way you would spare yourself from all unnecesary effort.


I kinda like the spear special right now.. It just needs to do damage... :(