Ogre Corpse

Derpie 4 years ago updated by I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 4 years ago 11


Today I fought an Ogre and I killed it but the corpse was invisible and there were any hitboxes...

1. This ogre could suicide after fight he won, and now he is invisible

2. Nice ping bro :D

1.Good idea but I don't think so.


It maybe is the same bug but why does this happen?
Did the Ogre dying animation lagged?

Man dat ping .-.

Well, I always have 2-20ms but when it reaches 50ms I can just say this is Hell xD.

Hell was laggy as...hell! :D

So what if i told you i always have 40-60 ping? XD

So what if I told you I have random ping and router sometimes is heating to extremes? (Average ping: 60-340ms)

My average: 10-18 ping  :P