Ogre Corpse

Derpie 7 years ago updated by I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 7 years ago 11


Today I fought an Ogre and I killed it but the corpse was invisible and there were any hitboxes...

Youtube video

1. This ogre could suicide after fight he won, and now he is invisible

2. Nice ping bro :D

1.Good idea but I don't think so.


It maybe is the same bug but why does this happen?
Did the Ogre dying animation lagged?

Man dat ping .-.

Well, I always have 2-20ms but when it reaches 50ms I can just say this is Hell xD.

Hell was laggy as...hell! :D

So what if i told you i always have 40-60 ping? XD

So what if I told you I have random ping and router sometimes is heating to extremes? (Average ping: 60-340ms)

My average: 10-18 ping  :P