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Staggering effect bug

Tohotom Vezer 4 years ago updated by Brai 4 years ago 4

If a player throws a grenade, and someone tries to block it, the throwing player gets the staggering effect, as if blocked. Same with placing a landmine. (Pretty well known, I suppose.)

If a player is blocking when the portcullis or sandworm kills him, then the player who last damaged the dying player gets the staggering effect.

I couldn't achieve similar effect with the spikes or the black hole.

Under review

You mean the stun effect?

Yes. Sorry for bad English.

yeah, when a grenade has been  thrown and you try to block it, you get stunned

this gets really annoying when you are fighting a bunch of poeple and trow a granade then you get stun and somebody gets free hits, same with mines..