Let's put a Tree in the Fort

BerserkerOP_Pay2Win 4 years ago updated by Egzekutor 4 years ago 7

A single tree would provide a convenient source of wood and health, which would slightly increase the fort's autonomy while keeping the game fair.

Why should we continue to outsource woodworking jobs to the outlying forests?


Got damnit the dwarves jumping our palisades and stealing our work


The concept of deforestation was created by and for the elves in order to make Central Fort manufacturing non-competitive.


The premise is the expeditions for gain materials and items to keep the fort in their own hands. Too much convenience will make no one move from the fort.

Go my dwarves go! For the king!

You can't hide forever behind cheap manufacturing!

But do you think even just one tree would provide too much convenience?

I think yes. Fort is good cooperative place and for keep it in good condition player have roles. Some players collect wood, some items and others defend camp. This works fine now in my opinion.


Because campfire isn't enough.

Because you are too lazy to move your ass to get wood.

Because you love claws, but axe is worst, huh.