New game mode: Sandbox

Lobster 4 years ago updated by ifram 4 years ago 5

But what would the Sandbox be anyway? It would be the way you would be, if you were alone, on a small map as training, and there you would add bots and items and weapons and clothes to test whether they are good or not, and so the way is to test the Weapons or Value or not to buy them. Thanks for reading until the end and have a good day. And sorry if I traded badly, is that Google Translator is too bad to translate, if you have any strange word was the translator that changed.


Are you frekin for real?


I do not know who you are, and to be ignorant because I have never done you any harm, you are being a child for giving me delays in my topics and your opinion was not about the related text.


This already exists. Click the mode selector and select "practise"


i think he wants to test all the weapons aganist bots

edit: without buying them