Wait period for new members?

Sir Brutal 4 years ago updated by Vykrad 4 years ago 3

What if new members would have a much longer wait period between posts and creation of new threads. Only players who've been a member for say 2 weeks + 10 forums points (or something like that) can post whenever they want!? This would decrease noob spam, and make it harder for trolls to just create a new account and continue trolling.

New members shozld only be able to post 1 post per day and after 1 week they get all post rights


I would say if they get 2 topics under review, planned or completed they can have their rights. That way some quality posts might appear!


I like this. If this would be the case, I think it should be the amount of points a user has that decides how frequently they can post.
- Because when people like your post/idea, you get more points, which most likely means that your ideas are good.
- Those who posts ideas which get more dislikes, lose points - which most likely means that their ideas aren't that good.