Remove bots from football!

Seraph 4 years ago updated by Rezoner1337 4 years ago 14

All they do is kill and disrupt the game, not allowing you to focus. It's so stupid and they just focus on one target until their target is dead, then move on to the next.

It's really breaking my skill, at the same time keeping it up because it keeps giving more bones, but anyways, they should be removed because all they are there for is to kill, It's like noobs who don't know how to play football.

I have to kill them first then move on to the ball because they focus me down until I'm dead and keep spamming shockwave. It's really annoying and I want them gone.

They destroy the ranked matches, in general..

~Seraph, currently Warpick of the Dark Soul.

P.S. I posted this JUST after getting out of a football match.

P.S.2. There isn't a category for ranting, so I'm just gonna put it in bugs.



Done. Let's see how it works.

Under review


What about bones? They should not even appear in football matches, are bones still there?

Actually, yes. They do cause an unfair advantage in points, so I suggest they be removed too, because if matches go on long enough: it'll be like a lawn of bones to collect.

Players will keep their bone score afterwards, of course. but then after that, the highest players could be reset to at least 1000! The post already explains things about bots, so no need for that, but the bones too, yes.

Thank you for listening to the community, it really means something to us, unlike game developers who wait until there's like 10,000 posts of it to add (idea). And thanks for listening again. we try to come up with great things, and hope they get somewhere. If they do, well it would increase the rate of getting another in possibly--

I'm rambling off now, lol. I'll just stop here because I can't think of anything else better to thank you with.

~Seraph, currently Warpick of the Dark Soul.


unfortunately players already farmed bones and i cant get closer to them anymore...and i think kills should be back theres a lot of hate when someone steals ur bones


I am planning to add daily loose of bones like 2% of the amount - you have to feed the dogs or something ;)

This not only will get rid of super high values over time but will also set upper cap.

With the next update bones and gold after the match end will not be counted.

Removing the gold is unnecessary, I think. You can't collect it at a higher rate in football than you can in ruins so it makes no difference goldwise where you get your kills. Meanwhile, removing it will create less incentive for people to play football over ruins. Getting rid of bones is fine, in football you get goals, not kills. But gold should stay.

In soccer after you respawn your bones aren't restarting.

Well, I take it the bots are there to replace players who joined and then disconnected. As such they may be annoying when chasing you, but they're still more useful than idle players just standing there. At least the bots can be a little disruptive to the opponent so having a bot on your team is less of a handicap than having an idle, even if all they do is walk toward you like they're terminators.

Seraph I'm fallowing you


Done. Let's see how it works.