Bow fire rate

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Bow is the weakest weapon in the game, even weaker than the axe. It just doesn't show cause there aren't as many newbies using it. It's not an issue of it being ranged and not faring well vs. melee, its dps is simply too low. Its fire rate needs to be buffed a bit IMO. And it also needs to be affected by the power up potion the same way all other weapons are.

Additionally, I think thrown weapons should fly faster. As it is, players can run about as fast as thrown weapons fly. That makes the effective range about two lengths of your regular swing. Anything more and it's telegraphed in, unless they aren't paying attention.

Agreed. I don't know about fire rate, but I think arrows should travel faster. The main problem with arrows is consistency: Since the enemy have the power to magically reflect arrows back at you, you aren't getting any guaranteed damage. Maybe reflect on kick needs to be changed.

Arrow speed is fine and reflecting them is fine. There needs to be an option to react and counter. Guaranteed damage for any attack would be a mistake. My issue is only that it takes too long to chain two shots. Further down the thread I'm getting comments like "you're wrong cause I'm awesome with the bow" from the guys missing my point. The weapon is under-powered when viewed on its own and in comparison with other weapons, but instead they're taking into account who's using it.

Me Oat onion easily killed, so are you just bad at playing them.

Not everything is good there can be translated, so learn to disassemble my comments

bow is really really weak cant say someone is bad with it ...but u cant win anymore with bow

Rezak meant that the Oat is able to beat him with a bow and suggests to learn how to play it and not complain ;]

Or maybe you're bad in defending against it, if that's the logic you're gonna use. I am good with the bow too, but just because a good player is using a weapon it doesn't mean it's balanced. Why do you assume I'm bad with it? I make suggestions to improve everyone's experience, not to alter the game to my preference.

And regarding you using a translator, you're self-entitled if you think everyone else should accommodate you in trying to decipher your gibberish instead of you making an effort to improve your knowledge of English. "so learn to disassemble my comments"... pfft, how bout you learn English? Why do you even bother replying when you can't be sure you fully understood what I said.

The old mechanic of shooting bow was better, new is bugged.

I know a lot of examples of balance changes, so that may be all the worse.


Do you want to stop talking nonsense? The bow is an excellent weapon, a good archer is lethal against any melee weapon.What happens is that a noob with bow are free bones


No, what happens is that a noob with any weapon is free bones. And a good player with any weapon is lethal against a bad player with any weapon. I'm not talking nonsense when I say the bow damage output is slow. With the staff you can do more dps with the trade-off of depleting your stamina. The bow takes too long to chain two shots. I'm not suggesting it should be turned into a machine gun, just that charging up time for the shot is reduced a bit. I'm trying to be constructive here, and you're leaving comments in the style of "git gud scrub" when I'm trying to be objective about weapon balance. I don't give a rats ass about how good you are or how good I am. I want the bow to be a viable option for everyone and not just for guys who will trade a bit of their effectiveness because they wanna role play as legolas.


Exactly, With sword I can net 30-40 bones in ten minutes, with bow I need to try 3x as hard and only come up with 15. It's bs.

The problem with bow is that requires so much more discipline and thinking, the sword has an instant damage special and melee charge attacks are fast and deadly.I really have to focus my game if I want do do well with the bow, and that's only in 1v1s, I can handle groups just fine with sword but it's just too much if you're trying to play archer.

i am a bow user and i can kill every weapen with it. advanced users too..

Oh, FFS. How many times do I need to elaborate this? EVALUATE THE WEAPON ON ITS OWN INSTEAD OF TAKING INTO ACCOUNT WHO'S USING IT. I can kill "advanced users" with fists, that doesn't mean fists are as good as a sword.

forget about that

I have an idea how to make a bow was a better weapon. Bow without the possibility of a surprise opponent is very easy to countering if you know how to do it. Historically, after loading the arc you could fire a shot at any time, which gave the effect of surprise.

Now that pulls the bowstring opponent knows that you fire an arrow, and it does not give the possibility of surprise, as is the case with other weapons.

My idea is that to charge the shot works vice versa. Let me explain:

Now you want to shoot an arrow you have to draw the string. And if they do so that the bow had to refresh after firing a shot? After firing the shots, you must wait a period of time to fire the next shot. This allowed to attack any opponent gets called without revealing what is our next move.

Another advantage is aiming. When you do not have to press and hold the left mouse button Aim is easier and you can do so-called drag shots.

This involves the rapid movement of the mouse on the enemy and firing arrow. I think it could be improved bow and it would be more useful. Say what you think about it.

If I understood you correctly, you're suggesting that the regular arrow shot functions similarly to the "fire arrow" special, or any special attack for that matter. How would you bind this attack without losing the possibility to also do a melee hit? I agree that 3 seconds of advertising you're about to fire an arrow is also something that takes away from the bow. I mean, you can even charge a strong attack without revealing it if you don't hold it. There is no other attack which is telegraphed with an animation. And perhaps fixing that would make it balanced without the need to alter the fire rate. A way to do it could be to have the animation execute only near the end of the charge. So it still takes as long to charge but the animation is a quick draw lasting half a second before the shot is ready to fire instead of the current 3 seconds that are also accompanied by that distinct sound the whole map can hear.

EDIT: Correction, the animation lasts only one second, the sound is what starts sooner. But both is what gives ample time to anticipate a shot.

So problem is with animation and the stretching sound. In game this looks cool but in fight its hard to hit someone. Enemy have too much information about your attack. And you sure, I had not thought about melee attack.

So i see two solutions:

1. Make quieter and less obtrusive way of shooting

2. Make faster projectiles (but possibly to block or kick, can not be op)