The axe deserves a chance

Tohotom Vezer 4 years ago updated by ::: 3 years ago 9

(So does the hammer, but one idea per week, right?)

Percieved problem: the sword clearly outclasses the axe. (If you think it does not, please explain in the comments in what aspect is the axe better than the sword. Because the sword is better in some aspects.)

Proposed solution: change axe special attack. Instead of a shockwave, a fissure (or lot of small fissures) would appear with the same range. This deals the same 1 damage and knocks over, but it can't be blocked. (You can still jump to avoid.) Second difference, it should appear fast enough that you can't just simply walk away from its path.

Optional: the fissure could stay open for a second or two (widening and shrinking once or twice in animation.) This would increase its effectiveness in large fights, temporarily restricting the movement of enemies who don't get caught in it.

So, how would it be better? First, you have to jump to avoid, which exposes you way more than blocking. Second, easier targeting because of increased speed.

This change would make axe a strong weapon choice.

Optional: change charged attack too, to diversify melee weapons. Instead of the fancy spinning like with the sword, charged attack should be a brutal, simple strike, without moving forward, similar to the basic attack, dealing 2 damage, except that it can't be blocked.

I know, I know, unblockable attack is blasphemy, but I argue this would actually rather be a nerf. First, 1 less damage and no knock over. Second, to use it you have to walk right in front of your opponent, exposed. The enemy can roll, kick, bash, or hit you twice before you use it.

So you judge which combination of theese optional ideas creates a balanced axe. But with all of them implemented, even if it is going to turn out overall weaker than the sword, it is at least going to be different, with its own character, not simply worse in almost every aspect.


I believe the axe is "underpowered" to push users to buy other weapons. Maybe.
I agree with you that, given everything in account, the axe is inferior compared to other weapons. But I wouldn't change the situation, as that is the weapon everyone starts with. Maybe it would be better to add another axe with different attacks and specials.

i like your idea

I have a very firm belief that all weapons should be balanced - and taking from TF2's formula, the free weapons you start with should be the most versatile. The axe currently fills this, mostly - but swords could use a change to increase its balance, to not make it a better axe

I feel bad posting in here, but i agree. Little bonus: I think sword has slightly higher attack range (i saw this maaaany times)

Rezoner once told that axe, hammer and sword are the same. They have same dmg and range, only sprite and special skill is different. Longer attack range in case of sword is just an illusion :)

lol but they are RIDICULOUSLY unbalanced when they come to specials

Personally? Axe is bae. I love the shockwave because it acts as a nice way to catch a target from just about anything. But sword charge attack should be changed to, well, a charging attack. Like the axe, it'll be a good way to quickly close the distance with a long ranged melee poke, rather than riding in like a beyblade on crack. It already gets a spin attack from its special Whirlwind - reduce the user's movement speed from that, and allow for multihits, and we'll have some interesting counterplay - including shockwave!

I think the skill should do a little more damage, and lock on to near by enemies (only if there really close)


I'm tired of all of these topics about "THE AXE IS TOO UNDER POWERED" or "THE BOW IS TOO OP" or "THE SWORD IS OVER POWERED" or "GET RID OF THE ICE MAGE STAFF". I think lots of these weapons are quite balanced as long as you know how to use them, because this is a skill game. The point of this skill game is to develop a strategy at fighting with whatever kind of weapon you prefer (and feast on bones). I honestly believe someone using an ice mage staff can easily beat someone using a sword as long as they're experienced  and have a good tactic against the sword. I honestly think a spear can beat a bow user easily if they have the skill and..... patience. Lots of patience. So what I think is that an axe can beat any weapon with ease, you just have to know it, have experience with it, know how to fight other weapons, and most of all PROTECT IT LIKE IT'S YOUR CHILD!!!!!!! (i'm not talking about specials specifically)