Armor as a skins!?

Sir Brutal 6 years ago updated by Bigness 6 years ago 4

Okay so I was thinking about @Pixl's post:


What if armor was added as a skin, instead of picking up armor?

Armor could have three properties:

  • Durability (would need to add pickupabble armor orbs).
  • Speed
  • Damage reduction.

Note: Armor would no longer act as additional health.


  • Durability 3
  • Speed 2
  • Damage Reduction 1


  • Durability 1
  • Speed 3
  • Damage Reduction 2


  • Durability 2
  • Speed 1
  • Damage Reduction 3

Durability would decrease with each hit the player takes, and as the durability decreases, the effects of damage reduction would also decrease.

Each type would also need to have it's own distinct look to it.

I am just brainstorming here, and my thinking isn't always on point, so definitely give feedback, either up-vote or down-vote if you love or hate it, or comment if you like some of the idea but would like to see another part changed. :)

....and I messed up the title 😞

God I hate myself!!!

I think it's a very nice add-on for the game,but I would prefer armor to be in the game shop(with swords hats etc).

They would be in the shop, there would be three (or more) types of armor, with different combinations of perks. The Generic everyone would automatically get for free, and then if you wanted you could purchase others.

This would give a direct advantage to people who have coins. You may argue that weapons do this too, but they are balanced and have different properties. I like the idea, but I think armor should be picked up. Clothing would be a nice alternative. +1