football bones exploit

Herr 4 years ago updated by Poke Hano 4 years ago 3

i'll just post a transcript of me chatting with tawreos, you'll figure it out rezoner

yo taw, i just finished a game with 300 bones, lol, i figured it out. The trick is to have two guys who keep collecting bones and killing each other. The bones don't get reset so you just amass them. There was this one Czech guy who got the gist of it. We would've come to a 1000 if the ronaldo guy didn't keep pushing for goals. At the and some random managed to pick up the last stash and got to 350, lol.

and another

lol, check the leader-board, 6800. 5000 from a single game

the guy who helped me is second lol

not gonna last long now, he's bound to start spreading the exploit

and also, jumping from bottom to top in 10 minutes is suspicious

so i guess if you wanted to be sneaky about it you would only do about 500

someone should tell rezoner, but i'm gonna let you have some fun with it

he'll probably figure out where it came from once he sees my name at the top

I knew there has to be some sneaky way to get so huge amounts of bones! :O

This should be posted as "bug".

Oh mon dieu!