Add boss fights

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I am creating this thread and merging all boss ideas there becuase it takes too much forum space.

I do not plan to add any bosses at the moment - it's P2P game first - if I resolve things like clans, grenades, shurikens then I can think about adding monster bosses.

Also I am not running out of ideas for bosses and posting random monsters from internet is not helping much.

Duplicates 10

i was looking at others ideas and i just found a guy with kinda the same one XD


Having it on ranked may not be the best idea, but maybe a gamemode to itself or a random event in the non ranked mode.


they should add a sceleton boss


OR TITANS! and dragons xD


Kharagok your ideas is awesome!


thaaaanks yours TOO :D

Oh sorry i say in my mutilating idea https://wilds.userecho.com/topics/1815-final-idea-for-day/ this final day idea but i make another idea. Sorry

I like the idea of adding bosses to the game, but not to become one

Ok cloosing the thread.

seeloko mano dragão nois não guenta ta lokão?

bosses bosses! Like dragons or mythological creatures!



My reaction for this idea

So cool so cool so cool so cool so cool so cool so cool so cool


Hey guys vote this idea is awesome Khargok is number one!

thaaanks seva i love you xD <3 minotaur OP




The devil could drop when dying some object or coin to get legendary clothes or mounts (legendary goat, etcc ideas xd), etc., things that can be added to the game

Yeah i forget hs will drop DEVIL BOX when you pick up DEVIL BOX you will transform in to the Demon. You will shot fire balls flying on the pits *Like The Binding of Isaac* but only for one minute.

The hydra boss is a great idea

Pity i want a bosses....

молодец что добился своего

Another idea for boss *You dont need to add him his to much bloody and carnage Wilds.io is a "child game "

WARRIOR OF CARNAGE His summon him self 9 mins gameplay and his will spawned in chat will mesage *massacre started* STATS HP need 30 hits to kill with all weapons. Damage his will kick you and you will knock down. Skeleton tentacle swipe and deals 5 damage. Sword-Knife attack deals 3 5-7 damage. REWARD 30 bronze coins. 20 silver coins, and 10 golden coins. This his looks like main-image-


I personally believe that it is a complete waste of time, that could be spent on other important issues.


the fight bosses no is waste of time is fun and interesting idea i think


Vigilante Gaming yeah i agree with Khargok I so love Bosses but when you are man who love to planting flowers and fight with little cube bunnies GET OUT


add zombies pls ♥w♥

Add A Savage Beast It will appear in 12 to 12 mins to the normal monsters dont appear at the same time,when the boss appears it shows a menssage:Savage Beast Appeared! This Thing Has 4 Moves 1-Ground Smash(Two Arms) 2-Rush(With All The Limbs) 3-Ground Smash(Feet) 4-roar(Stuns)



Very good suggestion, as they would have two attacks (normal with the pincers and special with that nasty tail.)


well the giants are kinda bosses.