Legend or Mythology?

Sir Brutal 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 10

I really like this games sort of Viking theme, so I was wondering weather it should either stay more true to the Historic Vikings/Germanic/European Tribes, or also incorporate their Mythology such as Thor, Magic, etc.

Also: The Romans were in the same time period, so we could also have some Roman stuff, if people wouldn't mind. From the view point of some of the Germanic tribes, for example the Gallic tribes, the Romans were the bad guys. Maybe there could be enemy AI Romans :)


  • Get rid of the goblins.
  • Get rid of Skins that don't match.
  • Add goats, wolves, and maybe boers.
  • Add spear
  • Add forests.
  • Make teams feel more like tribes.
  • European terrain instead of deserts. (Grass, dirt, snow.)
  • Wooden structures, and maybe some Roman forts.


  • Add mythical Animals, and keep the ones we already have.
  • Add Magic.
  • Keep the Middle eastern desert/structures.
  • Keep non themed skins

What do you guys think?


awesome. i think there should be a world mode where you can travel around wider areas and battle monsters.


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Nice, thanks for the copypasta.


I think it should be mythical, as well as keeping the historical features. However the mythical things should have somewhat relations to the viking/roman theme(s).


yeees, and titans (boss) and drop rare items xDDD Yeah!



~Seraph (Vrngh in-game)


epic good idea but PLS DONT GET RID OF GOBLINS I LOVE GOBLINS! #Goblinslife #Ilovegoblins #Goblinsnumberoner111


It's very good idea, but still Rezoner first must end work with wand and new map. I think, much of this ideas can be use in wilds ;]


Egzekutor I have fought against you XD