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If teamed on you have no choice but to die

Poke Hano 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 14

I was teamed on and heres what happened So i blocked i got rolled. I rolled i got kicked. I jumped i got hit. I dashed i got hit. overall its next to impossible to kill or run away if you get knocked down and are teamed on. I put it in bugs but it is more of a problem with the game mechanics... Idk Rezoner please find a way for players to actually do something when they get teamed on.


You can do one thing - look at your map and avoid groups. If you're staying next to one, then just blame yourself.
Also - how is your mistake a bug?



Under review

Well you ask me for a way to get advantage vs X players - but then these X players would post - "Hey we were like 4 vs 1 and we still loose - what's wrong with this game?".

4 vs 1 is easy if they're noobs. lol

Ok well theres the grace period OCCASIONALLY you can use your special and run. But when they stick to you Its impossible maybe a possible push that does like .5 damage?and the you can just run

Yeah, I've noticed exact same problem.

Before, I was able to handle up to 6 opponents at once. Now just 3-4 noobies is quite enough to kill me :D

Josuke avoiding only works for a particular amount of time. Also rezoner im not sure how to respond but in the way that you see it. It seems that if you left it alone it would only affect a few people where as if you did a group would be affected ( is it effected or affected?)


This isn't a bug. Why is it in the bug section?

It's simple. When you get teamed on, you deserve to die. Don't expect anything else. Instead, stay with a teammate or two and stay away from groups. That's simple.

Read tyt paragraph aswell. I had mentioned it in my paragraph why do you point it out? I already know the reason why its in bugs is because it is kind of a bug. By the way uranium dont be the tough guy we all know full well that being powerless just ruins the fun.


The problem we are talking about lays in this new mechanics and some glitches that are still in game. To be precise:

- Roll wins agains block (promotes rollspam)

- Block wins agains hit and makes the character vulnerable for a long time (promotes hitspam, yeah, that's what it does)

- Recently introduced invincibility after fall (allows opponents to fly, gather larger group and come back with stronger attack)

- 10 sec. respawn cooldown was removed (allows one to quickly spawn next to last opponent - "let's continue hitspamming, maybe I will kill him this time!")

- Many strange collisions and glitches, which make fight in narrow corridors of ruins really annoying (for example - instant death after hitting a wall, dash&wall glitch, dash&roll glitch dealing high dmg, which are still present)

- Recent problems with AI players - after player being disconnected, his character remains in game and still fights, most of them are just running back and forward, but once close to player, they do attack. When there is many of them (especially on spawn), they are really powerful because of numbers (5 of them using at once all types of attack is enough to kill anyone).

Basically, now, if you are attacked by two opponents, where one of them uses rollspam, and another one uses hitspam, there is nothing you can do after falling down.

I really can't find any good solution for this, but anyway, I've pointed out what seems to be a source of this discussion.

Ok, so here are three possible solutions:

1) left everything as it is, we will get used to it

2) bring back the mechanics from alpha version (it was just fine)

3) make hit and roll stamina-costing (yeah! that axe is damn heavy! xD)

Well don't fight kite: run hit run kick etc. and on and on.

If they are dumb enough to chase you and "noobs" than you can handle many

If you are teamed on, it should be near impossible to escape. Realistically, if 4 people were to fight you in real life, you would be most likely beaten.

In wilds.io, if 4 people were to team on you, don't expect to be able to pull a comeback, if they can coordinate well enough to continually surpress you, they deserve the kill.

In a 1v2, Rollspam and hitspam, you can kick, deflecting the roll and the kick. If you get knocked down due to a mistake, you get punished, if they coordinate well, you die.

In a 2v1, you would expect the 2 to beat the one, not the other way round. If it were so easy to destroy a group, what would be the point of incorporating numbers/ creating a team?

This is not a bug, this is how the game should be played, it's strategy.

Your kidding right You do realize that it is not always possible to avoid teamers aswell. Are you just stupid or just skipped a line? READ THE DAMN PARAGRAPH BEFORE YOU SAY CRAP