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Keys stuck sometimes

Pies 5 years ago updated by flame 5 years ago 6

Sometimes move keys stuck - like we press d, character moves to the left, but after letting key go free, char still goes left, we have to press and unpress d again or something like this. Problem exists for whole wsad.
I'm using Google Chrome on Linux, how I can help you debug this?

Under review

You can't =/ I am well aware of this problem but I have no idea what causes that. I am on Chrome / Linux too but the problem spreads to all platforms. Nevertheless I think it wasn't that often earlier - am I right?


Yup. I had a break from the game, but now I have it almost everytime, while few weeks ago I never had this problem. It looks like not every keyup even is being registered. Or maybe server doesn't get command?

Okay, maybe It isn't problem with a keys - character can stuck with moving diagonal, and pressing down won't return him to moving only left - he will keep moving down left

Do you happen to have a gamepad plugged in?

Not at the moment and I hadn't tried to play it with gamepad yet.

it works if you press the key it stuck on again so ya this might help