Friend list & Party system

Enkk 8 years ago updated by sharshy 8 years ago 3

I know similar requests have been proposed, but my proposal is more oriented to the big picture.

The game is getting bigger from a user standpoint, and imho, it requires some tools in order to facilitate the community bonding.

My proposal:

  1. A friend list. The friend list should be always visible in the homepage, and toggable during the game thanks to a keystroke (TAB?). Each listed friend should show the status (on/off), maybe the server, and of course a button that allows to join the friend in his 'room'.
    Moreover, an add friend button would be required. A friend could be added by is name, so, only registered users could add be added / add people. Another good thing would be to be able to right click on the name of a player in chat, and then being able to add it to your friends from there.
    At least at first, friendship should NOT require handshake (meaning that i can add whoever I want, without confirmation). However, that improvement could be arranged in the future.
  2. A party system. The friend list improvements opens the road for the actual important improvement that the game needs right now : a party system. The Friend list window should be enriched with a second tab, showing the party interface/configuration. Friend should be easily addable to your party (i've different ideas for the GUI), and they should be able to answer thanks to a simple popup. After a party is created (full or partial, meaning with 5 or less people), it can be placed in queue for ranked games by the party leader (simply the guy that created the party). After a match, the party is NOT disbanded, allowing in this way those lovely 10 hours wilds.io sessions.
    Other things: you can leave a party thanks to a button in the GUI, you can be in one party only at a time, you can always see who is in party with you from the panel. Finally, a party chat would be a good idea (again, in the future).

I am aware that this requests/idea do not consist of just a couple hours of coding, however, any "serious" game that allows some kind of group-user-interaction has a system like that... that would allow the community to grow and get stronger.


While you think about that, an immediate adjustment that would make the lobby-queue system much more usable would be to report the list of the player in queue in your team inside the little pop-up that at this moment shows "n/5 players found". This would prevent mismatches, and it's ultra-fast to implement.

I'll close by saying that I know that adding new playable content (like the mage) could seem the most attractive thing for most of the users, but it's important to not forget that every good game needs some glue features able to bind all the lovely contents into one big awesome game.

+1 for this suggestion.

Adding these features would definitely be worth it and the social aspect for Wilds.io would be greatly enhanced!

i wanted this also xD

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