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Game Mode Ideas:

Taro1z 8 years ago updated by Rezoner1337 8 years ago 1

I belive we should impliment some more gamemodes: Here are some I came up with.

-Wave Survival

Players have to survive massive waves of goblins, those really large apes, etc.

Pro: Everyone is on one team!

Con: Lagg is imminent if you put massive waves.

-CTF (Capture The Flag)

Capture the Flag, where there is two teams and the flags are on the other corners.

Pro: There is an objective to the game

Con: Spawn Points are needed: You will have specific spawn points unless you will let the other team spawn near your flag.

-Dominator (Taken from diep.io)

Two teams try to kill 4 beasts confined to 4 quadrents. Once a team kills one that team gets it.

Pro: Teamwork is encouraged

Con: Other team can steal a kill: You can work around this by most damage on beast.

-King of the Hill

One King, many peasants. Either all the peasants team up to kill the king, or everyone is against eachother and the King is just OP. If a peasant kills a king, then they get to be king.

Pro: Teamwork, again, as well as an objective

Con: King may be OP.

Those are the only ones I came up with. There are obviously more.

Under review

Soccer mode coming within an hour :)