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Characters without Patreon

KingLuigi716 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 4

Will there ever be a to play as over characters without donating. I can totally understand if that's not the case(I mean its only a few bucks) but having 3 classes that are patreon exclusive is a bit much. Maybe a system were there's a rotation of playable classes So one day you can play as the Archer/Grunt, another day would be Mage/Grunt. So the donors would have access to all classes all the time with a few Patreon only classes. And I know there isn't enough classes for that right now but I'm just throwing ideas around.

its ridiculus how many things you can do without money diep.io is already a great game and already has so many classes you can be.its just ridiculus

Under review

Diep.io heroes are just two flat shapes that spawn different amount of other flat shapes. That's the whole different order of magnitude in terms of work.

And the graphics is just where it begins because diep.io has no mechanics besides circle vs circle collision and how that collision affects the numbers in game.

Here you go - in terms of graphics that's just 1 of 30 stances for berserker

great point rezoner1337! :) but they can probably stil do it if they dont have money

Ugh Now I got rezoner1337 looking all at my typos...so embarrassed...