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[just play] mode

zenek1999 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2

1. Map should be 20%-35% smaller.

2. Not enough goblins.

3. Not enough bonuses spawners.

Game is dull because people are spread. It takes a lot of time to find goblins. Bonuses are hard to obtain. I think bonus spawners should be placed closer to center of the map to encourage people to fight there.

I think that minimap dot should represent player score. Higher score, bigger dot. It would help to hunt leader.

Under review

It's probably the first time someone wants more goblins :)

Regarding size - how about adding more players per map instead of making smaller area?

Adding extra players would be fine, but please adjust amount of bonsues/goblins (aka health pots). Sometimes it takes forever to get back to full health. Alternative would be passive health regen if no damage taken over 15s-20s and recovering 1hp per 7.5s-10s.