A crowd control class.

Aleks 8 years ago 0


You can modify all the stats and some of the little features of the moves, but keep it based on this crystal system.

A class that would be able to take on groups of people, but with the sacrifice of mobility.

I decided to name the class Crystal Warden.

Left mouse button: Crystal spawning.

The left click spawns a crystal, he can summon up to eight crystals one at a time that form a ring that surrounds him. The more crystals the character has equipped around, the slower he becomes. He remains stationary during this action.

Right mouse button: Crystal smash.

When one or more crystals are made, he takes it and smashes it in front of him and the shards can hit up to two enemies at once. He remains stationary during this action.

Scroll wheel up: Rapid smash.

He rapidly throws the crystals at a very short range, the amount of crystals thrown depends how much you scroll upwards. Each crystal can still hit up to two players at once. He remains stationary during this action.

Scroll wheel down: Crystal snipe.

This move is used only when a bunch of low health enemies are running away from him. He first has to target the enemy which is done by clicking on the enemy you want to snipe, you know when this happens because a cross hair will be place on the enemy. Then you lead your shot and click again to throw the crystal, if it misses it will just shatter and do no damage, if it hits then it will do damage, but if it hits and kills an enemy you automatically target any other enemy on the screen and the crystal remains intact so you can lead another shot and damage another target, this ability can chain infinitely as long as it kills a player. He remains stationary during this action.

Special: Shattering wall.

This can only be used when the special bar is full and when eight crystals are spawned. It can hit up to as many people as possible unless they are not in the range. He remains stationary during this process.

Other properties of the crystals:

They can block one hit and then they shatter, doing no damage. This leaves a hole in the circle of crystals making him vulnerable to attacks. Rolls, kicks, leaps, shock waves, whirlwinds, and crushes can all shatter a crystal.

Other things about the character:

He can be damaged during all of his moves except his special.