Random ideas?

Scott1 4 years ago 0

There would be starting skills for every classes, for example Shaman should have starting abilities like, healing (himself or his teammate), and also an ability to throw an enemy, by force. then there should be an experience bar, and after you gain level two Shaman, you can choose what you want to level up (Throw, Healing) or even add one. (Bleed, Hex, Blind, Strength)

Bleed -

It makes you bleed for about ten seconds (depends on the level of shaman)

Hex -

Transfers you into a frog, or a rabbit for ten seconds (unable to attack or use skills) (depends on the level of shaman)

Blind -

Covers the screen with black for about five seconds (could not focus on attacks) (no upgrades for this)

Strength -

Makes other to get more damage from his attacks, it would be multiplied by two for six seconds (depends on the level of shaman)

Tank class, a overpowered class, but really slow, the default weapon of Tank class should be Mace, and also he has medium health points, so it would be fair on the players.

His skills should be only one which is, Roar, which make his attacks to be critical, it could be upgraded by killing any creeps on the game (by experience bar)

Archer class, a long range class with a standard bow and unlimited (or limited) arrows, the health point should be the default one like the Grunt class, the skills should be two, once you join the game. you should pick a skill either "Fire Arrows, Two-Shot Bow" The Fire Arrows should be self explainable, it could burn an creep or a player with fire for about ten seconds, %10 damage per second (depends on the class), Two-Shot Bow could make you fire two arrows per second, for about two minutes.

New ideas for new creeps, first one is Troll, a creep that has a axe and it would have medium health points, the Troll should drop health potion (sometimes it could drop a throwable mini sword)

Next one is Witch, same like Shaman but it has only two skills, and it should hold a wand, and a book from her right hand, Witch has also cooldowns, so they could not attack really fast again, for about five seconds, it skills should be "Slow, Throw Poison Potion" The poison potion wouldn't really kill you, but it only lasts for five seconds, The Slow skill is self explainable,

That's all for now, and thank you.

- Scott