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Why does not respawn button

Jellybelly 4 years ago updated by Hackmaster 4 years ago 11
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You have clicked "respawn" before making this screenshot right?

what should I do?

app.game.send("respawn", true);

When it happens - paste above in console and hit enter - and let me know if this works.
If not then this is server problem that I will fix

everything is working

You mean that if you run it through the console - the respawn window disappear and you are being respawned?

Could you try if the adblock is not a problem then?

only necessary every time inserted into the console app.game.send("respawn", true);

No adblok just off I need every time to go to the console and press vsavit app.game.send ( "respawn", true); and so each time after death

I don't really know what to do with that as this is never happening to me - but I will be trying to find the answer

This happens all the time to me. It's an issue.