6 years and counting

Phroenix BR 2 years ago updated by Gustavo Eugênio 2 years ago 3

Heh, i actually can't believe it is more than 6 years already... Sometimes i think if we could maintain this place "alive" for 10+ years... ah yes, i was a guy from Massive Slayers, called Phroenix Killer or something like that, lol... how y'all going?

idk if y'all still can't remember me from that name, but i used to be hated because i were using those codeblocks to write text and had a very very very bad english grammar xD

salve mano fÊnix

n sei se lembra de mim mas agt até que jogava bastante junto (só que eu era do clã da BRAZIL rs)

uma boa parte do pessoal br do wilds.io ainda tá bem unido, a gente manteve contato pelo discord nesses 6 anos... se vc quiser me chama lá, Ondera#2202

enfim tmj aí, sdds pra sempre do wilds e desse fórum...

6 anos....

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