No-Gold Problem

Fat Turdol 6 years ago updated by ThiefMan 6 years ago 2

Whenever I try to earn gold/collect gold it  collects but it doesn't affect my gold count in any way. Meaning that so far I have lost around a thousand gold because the only gold I earn now comes form quests. Also the ogre cant die, in my servers.

The reason you're not getting gold is because you reached the gold cap limit. If you look at it carefully, a gold-yellow bar would progressively grow as you gain more gold (It's located right under your gold count). You can only collect 1200 gold a week, and the gold cap goes down by 300 coins every day, so you can keep farming for some gold.

But even with the gold cap limit, you should be able to collect gold from quests even though.

Not sure what's happening, though I can't be much of help for that, and I'm not sure why your ogres can't die ;-;.

its same with quest