New Game Mode: Adrenaline mode

SegAf 6 years ago updated by FrozenVoltz 6 years ago 5

In this mode everybody may be on non-ending adrenaline potion. The gameplay could be super dynamic. Even a starting player could have a chance to kill stronger one by fast clicking (as they always do).

There should not be other adrenaline potions in mode cause it could give even more of speed and insaness or they could be just useless. stuffs and hammers will be chosen most often then cause of rapid shooting and 3-hitting kills so should be nerfed; staff should have less range or have even slower projectiles and hammer could be just slower or something

I thing I will just leave other ideas about nerfing, etc. to you. write in comment what do you thing



+1, but I think we have enough game modes and your idea will be more comfortable to introduce like a sudden event.


let the hammers and ice staffs be

you know

for the mayhem

i liked this idea, + 1.

Speed buffs eh?

Ruby Rose strats 2.0

Good concept though.

It'll be more fun with the normal ice staff and hammer. It shouldn't be nerfed.