Co-op/PvE idea.

Jaf IO Tutorials 6 years ago updated by Ruby Rose 6 years ago 3

Wilds.io is a great pvp game but there is almost no point in having clans other than the title. A group of people vs AI/monster type thing would be a very great way for current Wilds.io players to want to play with friends. A PvE would encourage the players to recommend the game to friends to enjoy working towards a common goal together. A campaign with rewards of bones, gold and other rewards would be a great incentive to recommend friends to the game. This would spice up the game a lot and really engage the players getting bored of simple pvp, bro wars and arena matches. A PvE mode could be added on to later if the players seem to like a short intro. I think most people would love some sort of this.

so you basically want special maps where players team up against monsters?

If you are lucky sometimes you can meet me in game. In most cases that mean survival :-D

More like survival to our fps.